Custom 10th Anniversary Celtic Ring

Sterling silver ring with embossed Celtic pattern

My sister-in-law Nicole wanted to get her husband (my little brother) a silver ring band to mark their 10th anniversary.

She had an idea for a simple band decorated wth a repeating Celtic pattern. Because of the intricate pattern on the band I decided to use a 3D program called ZBrush to model the ring. Here's an early rendering...

3d ring rendering

Later, we decided to alter the design a bit and also add some embossed text to the inside of the ring adding Nicole & Curtis' names as well as the date they were married.

Celtic ring with embossed wedding date

Initially, I planned to upload the file to Shapeways and have the ring 3D printed in wax which I would cast in our studio. However, Shapeways stopped offering wax prints only a few weeks earlier so the only option was to have them print and cast the ring in sterling silver.

The turnaround was a little over two weeks. Once I received it, I spent some time sanding and polishing the ring before applying a dark patina to highlight the Celtic pattern and the embossed text.

The final product turned out great and Curtis was really pleased with his new ring.

sterling silver Celtic ring with embossed text