Video: Making a Spinner Ring

Our spinner rings are pretty popular. We make them with a heavier gauge sterling silver so they have a nice weight to them. They can be made with a variety of patinated textures like scrolls, floral and geometric patterns. 

Spinner rings are sometimes referred to as fidget rings, worry rings and meditation rings because you can spin or twirl the free moving bands around the main ring.

Essentially, a spinner ring is just three small rings on one large ring. Once we slip the spinners over the main band, we flare the edges to trap the spinners.

Things to look for when buying a spinner ring

Make sure that the spinners turn freely on the band without binding - they should just be a little bigger than the main band. And check that the flare on the edges of the main band is not too exaggerated. A wide flare will cause the edges of the band to rub against your other fingers and can make the ring uncomfortable to wear. If the spinners are sized correctly, the main band should only need minimal flaring to hold them in place.

Spinner rings are typically pretty wide - ours are about 13mm (1/2") for the version with three spinners so you'll want to get a slightly larger size than you normally wear. If your regular narrow ring size is an 8 you'll want an 8 1/2 so your finger will has a little extra bending room.

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